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Media Relations

Get into the Media that Matters

With my extensive experience, I can help all shapes and sizes of businesses across a spectrum of sectors, secure media exposure to get your news or messages into the media.  Whether you’re a one person operation looking to drive new business locally, launch a new venture through to national organisations that need dedicated attention to raising their profile in Scotland and/or the rest of the UK, pascha pr would love to speak with you.

Whether you require a one-off project or retained PR support, pascha*pr can help.  I will identify the best method to deliver the right message to the right audience, clearly, efficiently and with excellent results.

How do we Achieve Media Exposure for you?

It’s quite simple. I use the power of well-written words, eye-catching photography or video footage.  When required, I work with fellow freelancers, to provide highly professional, creative photography and video footage.  These words and images/footage will say and portray the messages that your business wishes to get across to its audiences.

My extensive knowledge of how the media functions – coupled with the press relationships I have nurtured – is how I get you the media coverage you deserve.

Add to that mix hard work, passion for the industry and your business, combined with a proactive approach – and this is how pascha pr delivers.

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Well-Written Words

I provide copywriting services, to help you convey, through well-written words everything from customer newsletters, websites, in-house magazines to advertorials.  I can do this as a one-off project or on a regular basis.

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Marketing Support

Communicating to Your Audiences

In addition to writing the words for your newsletter or website - pascha*pr can also provide marketing support with the creation of simple, attractive e-newsletters and websites, subject to client requirements.  And setting up a presence on social media platforms.

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Organising Eye-Catching Photography & Captivating Videos

To Help Improve Your Message

Whether you're embarking upon a media campaign, creating a new website or need some interesting and informative video footage for your social media outlets, pascha*pr can help.  I work with a number of great, professional freelancers to produce images or footage, that can make a real difference to getting into the media which matters to you or conveying your company's story, brand and ethos through your website, social media or marketing literature.

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